Monster Unveils … Steals and Deals

Monster_Coyote 10L Bullet Ruck_01
Monster Unveils … Steals and Deals
We build the best gear right here in the USA, we lead team-building endurance events based on our experiences in Special Forces, and we love to ruck. And damn Monster is cute.

But we don’t have a litany of analysts to forecast what’s impossible to forecast, such as demand. We make most decisions on little to no empirical data. That’s easy when it involves right and wrong and harder when it involves how much inventory to order.

Back in the day of 3 rucks and a hat I quoted Henry Ford more times than I can count about you can have “any color you want… so long as it’s black.” Then I smiled and talked about how hard it is to sew our rucks and did you know every GR1 takes 3.5 hours and you said yeah but I want a Coyote GR1 and all I just smiled back and thought man we gotta figure out this whole manufacturing more thing.

And eventually we did and we built a lot more ‘limited edition’ colors. Go big or go home style. Then we went back to leading events and Building Better Americans across the globe and eventually we revisited our inventory to find out that Henry Ford was a genius – who guessed? – and our limited edition colors weren’t limited enough.

So here’s the good news for you: we’ve got too much of some gear, especially colors, and we’ve created a ‘Steals and Deals’ section on the site for that stuff.

And damn! Monster is cute and I love the kind of change he’s brought to my life I mean to GORUCK. And what’s not to love.

Monster_Jason_32L Coyote Kit Bag
(From inside a 32L Kit Bag which means you can do it from anywhere) Love,
President, GORUCK Nation


  1. Rexx Samuell says:

    Monster is a cutie! Saw the steals and deals and ordered GR1 and bullet 10, both in coyote. I received the GR1 last week and am loving it! Can’t wait for the bullet!

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