Monster in the Bullets

Monster_Bullet Ruck_01
Hey Monster get over here it’s time for you to earn your keep. The world’s a rough place and you gotta work hard or you’ll starve and you might as well learn that sooner than later. As in now.

And then he came and said sure I like my bison venison stuff and the steak you throw me from time to time and I know it’s not free so what do we need done today – I’m in. Man did that catch me off guard and show time came fast and Bullet Rucks at the Team House was the play and Monster was the star.

Monster_Bullet Ruck_02
Expectations are our own doing and our own downfall. We control them and they’re hard to communicate to others. But not impossible, that’s the good news. Usually in life, when something is not quite right it’s because someone else has different expectations of us or we have different expectations of them. And talking about those gaps is the missing piece. Because we evolve together and apart and the world takes its toll no matter what, the frequency of communication matters. Like leadership, expectation management is a process. You don’t make a decision or have a conversation and call it a day. It never ends. Not. Ever.

Monster_Bullet Ruck_03
I digress as Monster sits perfectly in a 10L Bullet Ruck that I’m about to zip all the way up…

Monster_10L Coyote Bullet Ruck_Jason
OK not really, ha ha right? Yeah, ha ha.

Monster_Bullet Ruck_04
More space, try a 15L but don’t get comfortable, we’ll do more in that one when you’re bigger and at the eating 100 times a day and me going through plastic bags like parents go through diapers rate, that’ll be soon.

Monster_Bullet Ruck_05
So… you may be too big for this one and by may I mean you are but let’s go ahead and try the 5 Liter Bullet. Softer than the deck is it?…nice.

Monster_Bullet Ruck_06

Monster_5L Bullet Ruck_looks like a flying bat
And you wonder why I think you look like a flying bat even when you’re not flying.

Monster_Bullet Ruck_07

Monster_Bullet Ruck_08
At a certain point how many 1,000’s of pictures can you take of just Monster. Actually, 1,000’s more. But Jack was still like hey Emily put the 5L on and here ya go, here’s Monster what’s cooler than kids and puppies.

Monster_Bullet Ruck_09
Lick lick and Natalie leaned out and said no no…

Monster_Bullet Ruck_10
And then life got existential. Monster or Natalie, Natalie or Monster…

Monster_Bullet Ruck_11

Monster_Bullet Ruck_12
As usual, Monster survives and all was right in the world and I got him and I’m probably the luckiest guy that’s ever lived.

Monster_Bullet Ruck_13
And Natalie said put me down and she likes walking places on her own now. I’m pretty sure at this point that nobody will ever want to be around any photo shoot I’m ever a part of so I guess it’ll be back to me and Java I mean me and Monster and yeah, it was worth it because you can’t make this stuff up and the telling is too much fun.

Monster_Bullet Ruck_14
Monster moved on, got dressed up in The Man Tie and he already forgot the past and shouldn’t we all sometimes.

Monster_Bullet Ruck_15
But then he said yeah I’ll take a steak dinner and an apology and can I have the steak waiting for me when I’m done napping and some questions in life aren’t really questions.

Monster_Bullet Ruck_16

Monster_Bullet Ruck_17
“Not for Monster’s mouth” is an oft heard phrase at HQ and wherever Monster and I are together. He’s teething and really doesn’t discriminate. One minute it’s the metal handles on a filing cabinet the next it’s the zipper pulls on a ruck. Sometimes it’s 3 in the morning, other times it’s every other time.

Monster_Bullet Ruck_18
Until it’s teddy bear night night time and could I interest you in a 10L Bullet inside a GR2. It’s not a tempur pedic but back to the expectations thing, in life you gotta be grateful for what you got. Not what you wish you had or what you might have had if dot dot dot. No. You have to be grateful for what what you have today because tomorrow is not promised.

Monster_10L Bullet Ruck_GR2
You never fully know what someone else is expecting, so sometimes you gotta sleep with one eye open and take it as it comes. For as long as it takes and just be grateful you were on the stage at all, with the monsters you love. Because if you say you’re in, be all in.


  1. Shannon says:

    Monster is just so ridiculously cute. Does he show up at GRCs? If not, he should totally come to any one I do because he is adorable 🙂

  2. Joe M. says:

    Thanks for sharing. I like these posts. They remind of some of what was written last summer and that’s a good thing. Keep them up.

  3. Galen says:

    The pic below the ‘Man Tie’ – THAT LOOK is why men need dogs! You look into a face like that and you get answers. Imagine if you had to explain every decision you made in a day looking at that face looking back at you – I bet it would make you do things better.

    Part of Java’s spirit made it into that little guy, man.

  4. Dutch says:

    “…but back to the expectations thing, in life you gotta be grateful for what you got. Not what you wish you had or what you might have had if dot dot dot. No. You have to be grateful for what what you have today because tomorrow is not promised.”

    As always Jason, your news posts are refreshing and have a great flavor. I know GORUCK isn’t going anywhere soon, but if/when…you’ve got a talent with words.

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