Made Right Here – Vote to See GORUCK Featured By Our Friend (and GRT) Joe

Made Right Here_Contest_GORUCK
Vote here if you want our friend Joe to feature our Bozeman, Montana R&D shop in the 10th episode of Made Right Here.

Joe Gannon_Made Right Here_GORUCK Challenge
And who is Joe you might ask. Joe took a Challenge I led a few years back and we’ve stayed in touch mostly because I like him and he answers my emails from time to time ha ha. He’s an easy guy to support – check out some of his work here – and exactly the kind of guy you’d want to grab a beer with so I’d love to have him in Montana this Fall to do some of that and to help tell our story of building the toughest gear in the world.

Gannon_Selection patch
Oh yeah, and that’s him in this photo, too. Does this look mildly familiar to anyone, as if it became a patch of some kind?

To double tap: Vote here by clicking on the ‘Vote’ button at the bottom of the page. Then click – you guessed it – ‘Vote’ again, this time under the GORUCK pic and bio.

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