Java Says Bring It, Polar Vortex

Java_Let it Snow_DC_01
Seasons change and snow melts. Sometimes faster than others so love it for as long as it lasts and yesterday and tomorrow converge on this very moment. No school no work just fresh air and Java and all is right in the world.

Then tomorrow comes and yesterday holds our hearts forever. But everyday is today and we live our lives in everyday.

So Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Java_Let it Snow_DC_02

Java_Let it Snow_DC_03

Java_Let it Snow_DC_04

Java_Let it Snow_DC_05

Java_Let it Snow_DC_06

Java_Let it Snow_DC_07

Java_Let it Snow_DC_08

Java_Let it Snow_DC_09
Yes Java, we can stay a little while longer.

Java_Let it Snow_DC_10

Java_Let it Snow_DC_11

Java_Let it Snow_DC_12
And then we’re home with warm hearts and maybe just maybe we stare out the window at fresh snow in the hopes that tomorrow is everyday, too.


  1. Kevin says:

    These are some great photos of a very well loved friend.He is over that bridge now playing and will greet you when that time comes. Heres to Java.

  2. Ian says:

    Thank you for sharing, that looks like it was an awesome day. I’ve never seen a dog fetch that big if a stick, either although I think there he’s moved up to branch.

  3. Bobby says:

    Nothing seems to make a lab happier then snow. Ours becomes very vocal and will do anything to con our little ones into opening up the front door so she can launch off the front porch and get in some play time.

    Great photos!

  4. Ryan says:

    I used to come to the goruck site for the bags. Now I come for the stories. I am a grown-ass man, and these recent Java-tales make me cry, every time. Reminds me to be in the moment with my senior dog, who is the best friend I have ever had (or will ever have). Peace to you and Java both.

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