How to Open the GORUCK PX in Neptune Beach, Florida

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All GORUCK is local. So of course we opened up a brick and mortar and of course it’s still, somehow, more about people than things. And thank you Kelly, I’ll take one of those beers and you can pick which one and you’re welcome because it’s a party foul to double fist and we can’t have you breaking all the rules. GORUCK has standards and things you know.

And always inspiration. A Post Exchange, a PX, is a staple of military life and I loved them when I was in – especially in the countries short on things like running water and edible food. Think of it as an oasis in the middle of the desert that also sells gear and things like Peanut M&M’s and magazines you want to look at I mean read. And while we talked about other names for the shop, PX seemed the only best way to honor our roots.

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So of course we sell things at The PX like GR1 above and our Montana leather belt below, and here’s the deal. We build the best stuff and we work hard to do so. Kinda like what happens in the Batcave, though, it’s all behind the scenes. The PX in Neptune Beach is a step in the direction of teaching ourselves how to do retail which is just another form of communication between us and you. When not if we master the combination between an experience and the right mix of things to sell and running events out of the space, we’ll expand to other cities. Don’t be surprised if it’s a lot more than just retail by that point and don’t be surprised if it happens 2014 quickly.

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The guys showed up with Pabst bottles and I was like whoa these are classy looking but why’d you do that. Proudly they declared that they bought every can within a 3 mile radius and I couldn’t for the life of me think of a better reason in the entire world to have bottles. And on the right night at The PX they’re free which means just about anytime you stop in.

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So setting The PX up was a team effort which means the Cadre and I were told to keep away until it was ready and then it was like hey let’s unleash the Kraken. And the Kraken was like Hey Kirsten, I know what we can do to promote The PX. Let’s do a 5-pack 5K a couple times a month. And she was like that’s stupid why a 5-pack and the Kraken was like because you drink one before you start of course and everyone I know does it and hasn’t GORUCK taught you anything yet?

GORUCK PX_Neptune Beach_FL_23

GORUCK PX_Neptune Beach_FL_chris
Fast forward 24 hours and Captain America above was forever dubbed the Sandman. I told him there was a Challenge in Daytona Beach and he should show up. He did, but he forgot bricks and asked if he even needed a ruck. So we laughed and said not a problem and filled his ruck up with sand and got it wet and welcome to the next 12 hours of your life. For now he was all smiles and, actually, he did great at The Challenge and then we took him to a pool party and he passed out on Blair’s couch and then woke up and didn’t miss a beat. Aka bad start strong finish.

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So yeah, I showed up and brought my cameras and there’s maybe the worst I mean best form ever above. Worst because the assaulters in the room would tell me a real shooter keeps both eyes open and doesn’t make that weird face – not ever. Best because if you want to capture a moment, you gotta be in it. Hence the PBR multi-tasking. And then the singing.

GORUCK PX_Neptune Beach_FL_29

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The PX is open for fun and 5 Pack 5K’s and other excuses to have people over. No doubt Garrett and the other Kraken will be in rare form except it’s not that rare and it’s always a good time. Swing by and we’ll buy ya a beer and while you’re here we can show you how to wrap your bricks and pack a ruck if that’s your kind of thing. The address is 222 First St. Neptune Beach, Florida. U.S.A. For locations that might be a little closer to you, The PX tent will be at every GORUCK Nasty (more locations for 2014 launching soon) where we’ll debut new products and display the timeless ones and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll fall in love with someone I mean something and maybe more than just the beers.


  1. Jaycel Adkins says:

    So awesome to know I can jump on JTB and be there…..but exactly where?

    Address and Hours, please. 😉

  2. jason says:

    NYC, yeah, it’s on the super short list. Let’s call it 2015 realistically but maybe sooner. @mike actually a great question. 10-5 M-F plus special occasions and we have those pretty often.

  3. Roman Rauhala says:

    Wow,,, so very cool! Like ive said since I first heard of GORUCK and participated in a Challenge, I think you all at GORUCK and we who buy your gear, and participate in any of the events/fucntions represent the very best of what the United States is all about. Thank You GORUCK for everything you have brought to us and how you have changed my life.

  4. Andrew R says:

    Looks like a blast, many a GRT has a new place to visit. I’ll 3rd the NYC next vote, you wouldn’t even have to market, there’s hundreds of rucktards floating around. We’d make the apple launch day lines look like amateur hour when GR gear launch days happen.

  5. eric says:

    damn, now i need to find a reason to drive up from north palm beach to visit ya’ll. Congrats on the move to the world of retail!

  6. Todd says:

    Congrats on the PX! What a great addition to the Neptune Beach area. Many will come from miles around to see the store just because of the great things you do! See yall in Savannah!

  7. Sean K says:

    Hey Jason, my name is Sean and I’m from Missouri. This August I’ll be attending Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin on an Army ROTC scholarship. I was wondering if you could email me so I could talk with you about the service. It is totally alright if you don’t. My email is thanks, Sean

  8. Mike says:

    Love the store, and the atmosphere. I’m training up for a Light and Nasty after a horribly fractured leg (17 screws & two plates, go big or go home.) I’d add a plug for a store in the DC/MD/VA area.

  9. nathan says:

    Excellent idea! My vote goes for a store in the SF Bay Area. You guys build the best gear and make beat downs (aka Challenge) so enjoyable that my friends and I have signed up for more.

  10. Ruben says:

    Damn looks like I need to drive from Seattle to Fl now, I vote for a PX in sunny seattle. Love my GR2 you guys really do make the best packs around.

  11. Devin says:

    Congratulations on the shop, looks great! If one were to stop in, would the option of registering for an event in-store be available, say to take immediate advantage of the gear discount some of the events offer?

  12. Eric Seachrist says:

    How about working with university ROTCs and moving Nasty to every college campus? And open PX bar/shops in said-same towns?

  13. bob says:

    Now if only you could hide one of those RFID access badge circuits inside the GRT patches, you could make a secret GRT only back room. Maybe even hide some good stuff in there like Schlitz.

  14. Brandon Webb says:

    Luckily I live in Jacksonville, so I was able to go to the PX last Friday and it was superb! Great job guys and keep up the good work.

  15. @dp454so says:

    I’ll back up the NYC request. This city could needs shops like yours. Please set it up next to some limp-wristed designer studio in SoHo. 😉

  16. Chris Wilkerson says:

    Ask Jason if that Captain’s Green Beret didnt belong to Chris Wilkerson. I’m proud of him… and everyone of those boot camp letters paid off!I can think of no one I’d have rather given it to… He made this old operator very very proud

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