Braving Storms Monster Style

Monster_A Day in the LIfe_04
Monster doesn’t particularly enjoy orders deep sigh and new ones are an even trickier sell so how do you think Take Shelter now went over? Disbelief mostly followed by lecturing about these warnings are never right especially since this is Florida, a little slice of paradise and outside is the right side. Such say the youth who know all, all the time. Though I agree with the Florida paradise thing and judge away I’m with Monster lol.

As for the rest Hey Monster you win let’s go to the right side outside did you say it was. And insert silence but for Zeus and Monster’s bravery in adhering to the powers that be.

Monster_A Day in the LIfe_05
Like Garrett, Monster doesn’t get nervous actually…

Monster_A Day in the LIfe_06
Not nervous at all.

GORUCK HQ Jax Beach_Monster
And bravery has its rewards as storms pass and the world I mean the light is better now than before and back to work all filled with the kind of courage that comes from survival which is good since we still got so much to do and ’tis the season of Monster and gear shots and it’s a lot of hard work being perfect.

Ho Ho Ho Gear Prices GORUCK Black Friday



And doesn’t he look all the better for his bravery and doesn’t it always work like that for all of us too.

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