GORUCK Nation, Meet Your New Community Manager


Hey y’all,

I write just like I talk. So read this in southern. Not like Cadre Doug. He is from Texas and that is different. Feel free to share this as well.

My name is Christopher Goad aka Bomber. I host a car show called the Twin City Bomber Bash. That is where my name came from. I am the newest member of GORUCK Headquarters (GRHQ). By newest I mean most bad ass. I will be your Community Manager. Fancy title for sure.


Here is a little bit about me and my GORUCK story. I was born on the bayou. Well not literally. In Shreveport, Louisiana, the Ratchet City to those in the know. My Dad was a Navy WW2 veteran he served on the USS Tracy DD-214. I am a Marine. Just not getting paid anymore. 0351 WPNS Co Antitank Assaultman. As with all of WPNS Company members I have a hatred of Mortarman. I have 2 kids, a son-in-law, and 4 dogs. My first GORUCK event was Class 294 in NOLA. I had signed up for a Tough Mudder and there was a link to GORUCK on the page. There was very little information about the events at the time. It was the hardest thing I have done since carrying a Dragon round in the Marines. I wanted to do something that reminded me of my time in the USMC. GORUCK has done that. I have made some amazing friends and am thankful to have a community that reminds me of what I love.


I am your average everyday GRT. I drink beer, cuss, and love the USA. I hate shirts and feet. I have done several events. Toughs, Lights, Scavenger, WSFB, Trek, and just recently organized the Bomber Bash Custom Light with Cadre Liles. My favorite part of GORUCK is meeting people, because bear crawls really suck.

As Community Manager I will be your link to GRHQ and GRHQ’s link to you, GORUCK Nation. Do not ask me about SCARS, order status, when the GORUCK French Press will be available, or why did I not get a GORUCK decal with my GR1. For all that you can email info@goruck.com.

What you can ask me is how to grow your Rucking Club. Kit will sign y’all club up! If you can’t find the answer on the Google, you ask me. I can not guarantee that it will happen, but I will pass it along to whom it needs to go to. I want your feedback about the community and, more importantly, I would love to hear your story. But it better be cool and interesting.


The best thing about GORUCK is the people. I would love to see the community grow. For y’all to develop friendships and make new ones like I have through GORUCK. Rucking together is a blast. I want to see more people out rucking and being outside. Then having a beer after. Well… sometimes during.

Thanks for the chat y’all. If you have any questions or concerns email me at bomber@goruck.com y’all take care.


Christopher Goad
AKA Bomber


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