From Pointe du Hoc: Rangers Lead the Way (RLTW)

Cadre Tyler_Pointe Du Hoc
Stood on the cliffs of Pointe Du Hoc today where 70 years ago 2nd Ranger Battalion scaled under intense German fire to take the objective and accomplish the mission. Of the 225 Rangers that started on the beach only 90 were in fighting condition at the end of the mission when they were relieved. I heard this story 1000’s of times while I was in 2nd Ranger Battalion. But to be here at the cliffs looking at them… And feeling them…… Speechless. And anyone who knows me knows I never shut up…..

Of all the stories I have heard about the men from 2nd Ranger Battalion I’ll share this one:

Sgt Walter Geldon Company C 2nd Ranger Battalion

June 6, 1944, was Sergeant Geldon’s third wedding anniversary. He and his fellow Rangers sang songs to celebrate the occasion shortly before landing on Omaha Beach. The 23-year-old steel worker from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was cut down by enemy fire within a few minutes of coming ashore. When his widow died in 2002 at age 78, she was buried by his side…

Happy Anniversary Sergeant.


  1. Antoine says:

    Paying tribute to our fallen comrades. It’s things like this that make me appreciate that I joined the Army!

  2. Jon says:

    Man… My wife just said to me tonight how she was happy that people know we are going to die together. She meant live and really live and die together. That story made me cry because it’s beautiful. Like love and death and honor and team.
    I am so grateful also to those who have served. I hope you all get applause somewhere, someday …

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