Firearms Gear Pre-Sale and (not)

Pre-Order GORUCK Firearms Gear Here (

Few things:

  1. This preorder is hosted on a website not integrated with, at least on the back end. A small part of me hopes that you all crash their site but not really lol.
  2. Discounts do not apply to Firearms Gear – the codes are not integrated into this hosted website.
  3. The cost and the price. I spent much of yesterday morning pissed off due to the pricing we got back, internally that is. It was about 1.5x what I expected/hoped for (and we’ve been at this a while), and while I understand these prices are high, they’re actually the lowest they’ll ever be. If we are not able to increase our operational efficiencies, these prices will go up significantly in the future. The funny thing is that the most expensive things in any of these photos are Tyler’s guns, as will be the case if or when you put yours in a GORUCK case.
  4. Preorder explanation. This allows us to gauge demand, whatever it ends up being, and make enough to fill all the orders but not too much that it sits in our warehouse for the next year. In the past we’ve gotten into trouble because we tried to estimate demand with voodoo witch magic or something, and we either way under-ordered or way over-ordered or sometimes both in sequence. This preorder is the fix despite a few limitations.
  5. Future Firearms gear. We have plans to build more gear and offer other varieties. My best guess, though, at this point is that this is the only way (aka bundled) that we’ll be offering the gear for a long while. To be even more clear, we have no plans to separate out the individual items before Christmas of 2014.

I hope you love it. It’s the best Firearms gear money can buy and I’m comfortable saying that because we looked at and/or have used everything else on the market.

Thanks for the support.

As you can see below, looks a little different than…



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