B-Roll at the Range and That’s a Wrap in Vegas

FIrearms Gear at the Range_01
So we basically have everything we need at this point except a bunch of videos and convos with Tyler. And when you do those kinds of videos there’s nothing more boring than just watching someone sit in a chair for 6 minutes or however long so insert the need for what’s called B-roll and if you’re doing something on Firearms Gear I dunno some shots from the range really seem to work and I know what you’re thinking man these guys are smart and don’t forget creative and artistic to boot.

FIrearms Gear at the Range_02_Pistol case_02

FIrearms Gear at the Range_02_Pistol case
I brought my camera but didn’t really plan to use it much since I was smoked after spending such quality time in front of Macy’s furniture store but then Andy was like hey I got a flashlight take a picture now and here ya go a product shot at the range you can ooh and ah about now.

But what you won’t find in this post is the behind the scenes of this behind the scenes in that to show the gear as simple and functional and not a gypsy camp you have to bring everything and Tyler has a small arsenal because options matter but the planning doesn’t involve how to organize everything you’re taking with you to be shown as organized. Nevermind nobody cares about that stuff and it’s not actually that funny or even informative. Back to the other photos.

FIrearms Gear at the Range_03

FIrearms Gear at the Range_04
I’m sure you’ve seen Lethal Weapon and we had a good laugh about this one Tyler was like one of these day’s it’ll be a perfect smiley face and aren’t we getting existential now.

FIrearms Gear at the Range_05

FIrearms Gear at the Range_06_Rifle Case
Full auto and ‘Merica at the range.

FIrearms Gear at the Range_07_Pistol Rug
Damn we almost forgot the pistol rug then we gotta sit down and talk about why Tyler designed the gear this way and he’s gotta PTBUF it and what’s next. Those videos will be out next week-ish.

FIrearms Gear at the Range_08

FIrearms Gear at the Range_08_Las Vegas
And so concludes the Firearms in Vegas mission and Tyler is hungry again what else is new so after he spent ten minutes asking ten different ways what kind of food we like and we said don’t care anything is fine he got a big smile on his face and said he knew a great place tough to describe and what he meant was it’s a diner and super cheesy and totally awesome and this was our first and only time on The Strip this trip and at the end of all of this we’re smoked and a few beers to soak it in and we’ll call it a wrap and I was like here’s to never doing this again the first real launch in our history and Tyler was like no! and he looked right at me and then came a big smile and he said here’s to doing it again…very soon.

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