Attaching Carabiners Explained

Carabiners are always on my packing list because I always have one attached to my GR1. A carabiner attaches perfectly to the MOLLE webbing on its exterior, but as with all things, some techniques are better than others. So here’s the step by step.

To make it easy on yourself, either empty your ruck or unzip the entire flap while you attach it. This allows for some slack, and you’ll want slack while attaching a carabiner.

You only want to put it through 1, 2, and 3. Do not hook into #4. You’ll want the opening to the carabiner exposed and on top of #4.

Above: the carabiner’s opening is on top of #4, allowing you to attach something in a hurry.

A hat, some gloves, whatever.

I always have a carabiner on my ruck, just in case. Check out additional specs on the Omega USA D-Ring I have.


  1. jon p. says:

    Fantastic! Before they were offered on I bought mine at my local REI store, since I wanted a couple similar to the ones in the GR1 photos. Great quality carabiners that I believe also come in an oval shape.

  2. The Arcticfox says:

    Nice! I just picked up one of those carabiners locally and threw it on the side of my Radio Ruck. I never would’ve thought of attaching it that way — thanks!

  3. Mike says:

    I have a GR2 and I find it’s a lot easier if you attach in order 2,3,1 and then rotate slightly into the final position.

  4. Jerry Flynn says:

    I remember seeing these as a fashion statement via the goruck crew and I laughed and laughed but then I bought the GR Tac and carry water bottles and some running shoes and then it clicked, I needed some carabiners! Now I have one on the front of my radio ruck and one on the side, for shoes and a water bottle.

  5. Anthony says:

    Do my eyes deceive me or did I see a multicam Radio Ruck on the main carabiner page? Excellent…

  6. Bob says:

    Are there any specific carabiners that are known to work best or not work at all? I have a gift card to an outdoors shop that I thought I’d pick a couple up with.

    What are y’all using?

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