Off-Leashing at the Beach with Monster

We’re all going to the same beach, Monster just wants to get there faster.

A Labrador on a leash at the beach is about the same thing as taking your kids to Disney, putting them on leashes, and not letting them ride any of the rides or meet Mickey Mouse. Good luck with either of those great ideas.

Alas! The Monster Dog Leash is the only most selfless leash in existence. It actually speaks to you … “Let your Monster free”…

Welcome to off-leashing with Monster.

And in it goes, that fast.

Monster never uses up all his energy on the pull East to get here. I’ve seen all those workout videos and stuff where you have to pull a sled with weight. Well, Monster does that with his neck and 200+ pounds of humans (counting Ryan, of course) pulling back. And then crushes cardio like a beast. Errrr, a Monster.

Look closely as I do when Monster stops anywhere, he’s usually scavenging for something. So I sprinted over to rip a quarter of some disgusting rope like thing out of his mouth. After the rope toy incident last year, you’d think he’d know better. But Monster is as Monster does, and it keeps us sharp.

We had a chat, don’t mind the red rocket.

He made a move for the rope, it was not to be. And out came the Monster Dog Leash, and no, this isn’t hard with Ryan on my front, thanks for asking though lol.

As hard as he pulls to come, he pulls just as hard to stay.

And then tries to run in the house without meeting his fate with the hose.

Monster prefers to dry off on the couch and any of the beds, so his final punishment – ask him he’ll tell you – is the towel dry off. And does anyone in the universe feel sorry for Monster?

Nope, didn’t think so.


Get your Monster Dog Leash here.


  1. Jacob Fleenor says:

    Nice shemagh on your boy! My wife and I just had a litttle boy and named him Jack as well. I love these news posts- keep em coming!

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