Key West, Recon by Air

The first main decision in Beached planning was to determine the area of operations (AO). Recon by air gave us a higher, better vantage point, so we took a ride.

Ultimately, we decided to keep the AO in and around Key West, which is about 4 miles long and 2 miles wide.

It’s the swimming that may be a little longer than that, and won’t be seen from the air.


  1. Benjamin Voetberg says:

    SO wanted to do Beached, love the water, love the suck, Beached is heaven!! I’ll be there 2013, count on it.

  2. says:

    Jason, I hope you had a chance to talk to the guys in green on Flemming Key? I understand they do water.. Jim, SFA, M-11313-L

  3. jason says:

    Yeah, Jim, we got the tour of Special Forces Dive School. I’ll post those pics later this month. (Note: Dive School was not in session, but it’s still a fun trip).

  4. Nice plane, SR22. Question for you, any idea who makes that knee board sitting on the center console in the second picture?

    Love your products btw. Recently bought the GR2 and promptly put 20,000 mi of travel on it in a month as my sole bag and am waiting on the GR TAC in the mail.


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