GORUCK Monster Dog Leash What’s the Difference

Less is more and more is lazy and Rule #1 matters all the time and it clearly states Always Look Cool. Clearly. If you’re carrying around a brick with a handle attached to a cord and/or it retracts and/or there’s a spot to hold 100 rolls of plastic bags then your leash sucks and in the words of the Dude that’s like your opinion man and he says it in a cool way free of judgment and I harken his tone with a huge smile on my face and a beer in my right non leash bearing hand.

Dog Leash Buckle Comparison_the Gun Clip
Oh yeah and allow me to further PTBUF aka Pee-Tee-Buff aka Put The Benefits Up Front and I’ll start with the buckle. We use the gun clip (internal talk) which will attach to your pup’s collar and it’s the same type/style as you would use to attach a sling to your rifle in war. It’s superior and it does not corrode like the ‘THIS LEASH SUCKS’ variety, which involves unnecessary complexity. I live at the beach and these are harsh proving grounds and bad stuff fails fast. Their buckle fails, the gun clip does not. In/Out is simple and we like simple are you trackin’?

When Monster is off leash, this is what I put in my pocket because I don’t want to hold a leash like I just said I certainly have a beer in one hand and the other is reserved for anything else besides a leash.


Till it’s time to work the streets again.



You won’t believe it but I actually don’t even have to go to a tanning salon this being Florida and all guess I’m just lucky white thighs are in so I can own Rule #1 and ‘Merica and the shorter the shorts the more serious the rucker and this is serious business rucking that is.




And lil’ Monster’s gettin’ not so lil’ anymore and one of his favorite games is bite and tug and growl with the leash in his mouth. Re-enactment with dramatic effect above and I’m sure if any picture ever had sound coming out of it this is it.




And eventually his tongue goes back in his mouth isn’t rucking fun and decisions decisions for the next time can you guess Monster’s pick and go ruck I mean GORUCK.

Monster Dog Leashes here.



  1. Mark says:

    Nice work! Just placed the order and soon my Nola will be sportin’ a cool GORUCK leash – any chance we’ll see a matching dog collar in the near future? Again, thanks for taking pride in what you do!

  2. jason says:

    Ryan N – the first run of dog leashes we did a while back had a defective lot of hardware. We fired that supplier forever and that necessitated a slightly different “gun clip” than we had used before. So, in short, yes, the hardware is a little different.

  3. ryan n says:

    ok cool thanks for the reply. i had grabbed one of the first ones and i had to replace the buckle. still loved it though. left it near a river in the catskills after the pup took a swim during a hike, couldnt have been more bummed.
    will have to order a new one

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