Every Girl Needs a Little Black Ruck by Emily

Hands down, my all-time favorite bag is the GORUCK Echo. I had one of the first ones made and it’s been my go-to EDC and overnight bag ever since. I’ve always liked smaller backpacks that fit my frame and allow me to move like a ninja. Jason designed it for me to carry everything I need and nothing I don’t.

Over the 10 years since the Echo was born, I’ve taken it on a lot of adventures and had it in a few different colors: foliage, a greenish grey color that is one of the rarest of unicorn rucks; Multicam; and black of course.

Photo shoot with Neus Martín for the GR Echo Review on Tools & Toys

Every girl needs a little black ruck.

The Echo gets its name in part because it is an “echo” of our larger rucksacks like GR1, and also because Jason’s MOS in Special Forces was an 18E aka Echo if you speak military. It was designed to be sleek and unassuming and able to hold much more than you think. Your laptop can be safely tucked away in the compartment that is either on your back or in your line of sight but not an easy target for pickpockets.

And the slant pocket is perfect for easy access to your passport. There are plenty of interior pockets to keep you focused and organized.

Going away for the weekend? Need to bring workout clothes for after work? Need to pack snacks and toys and wipes for babies, furry or otherwise? Less is more and more is a hot mess.

Just the essentials here – vino plus a good read.

For a limited time, the GORUCK Echo is $195 and as always, comes with our Scars Lifetime Guarantee.






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