Built for Strong Women: The Simple Pants Power Line

Everyday apparel is tough for me to find and always has been. Growing up playing sports and now with Weightlifting and Crossfit, I have always had more of an athletic build. Of course this is not society’s “norm”, so pants tend to be too tight in the quads and too big in the waist or vice versa. Once I find pants that fit my quads, I always have that gap at the top of my butt in the waist area (if you’re reading this you probably know what I’m talking about). With tops, it is the same. My shoulders tend to be a little bit broad so I usually have to size up just so I don’t bust out of my shirt like Popeye. Don’t even get me started on button ups.

Finding clothes that fit well can be really frustrating because I always have to guess what size I need. I float between sizes depending on fabric type, the cut of the product, and the type of body it is made for. There is nothing worse than buying a top that you have to size up for so that it fits your shoulders but then the contour hits your other lady curves wrong and makes you look like you gained 10 pounds in 30 seconds.

For the Women’s Power Pants, we tested multiple prototypes. It was a really cool process to be involved in. I would try on the pants/shorts and do all kinds of basic movements to make sure we got it right. I remember one of the early prototypes I put on and did some air squats. Immediately hearing *Pop! Pop! Pop!* I just looked up and shook my head. Back to prototyping GORUCK went.

During a lot of the time we were building these prototypes, I was training for Weightlifting Nationals so it is safe to say these clothes are truly built for strong women who aren’t afraid to show off their hard earned muscles. No more having to sacrifice showing off your quads to show off your booty, the pants and and soon to come shorts are fitted to all the right places. And the best part? No more “plumbers crack waist gap.” Even now that I am not in intense training every day with super defined muscles, the power line still fits my body type. Which means, bouncing around sizes is something I don’t have to do with the power line depending on the season.

I love that the Simple Pants are versatile! My favorite photoshoots that we do are the ones where we go out and get a nice beach thrasher workout in and then head straight to brunch complete with bottomless mimosas. They are useful beyond just rucking or working out. Pair them with a sweater or blouse and you’ve got a business casual look too.

I’m really excited to share these now with the rest of GORUCK Nation! I think it is definitely something anyone with a little extra love in their quads and booty should try out. Especially if you have the same shopping issues as I do. Show off those muscles!!!

– Hannah Crooks, CrossFitter and Olympic Weightlifter

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