Benchmade’s Factory, Oregon City, Oregon

Precision meets a human touch at Benchmade. I’ve been using their knives for years, and I’m a huge fan.

Machines take care of the heavy lifting first, and then the blades are transferred to human hands for sharpening and inspection.

Benchmade has kept its manufacturing right here in the U.S. in Oregon City, Oregon. And you can’t go wrong with anything that bears the Benchmade name and its iconic butterfly.


  1. B. says:

    Great write-up… yet again. Absolutely loving the ‘behind the scenes’ looks at some iconic American-made brands/companies.

    FYI: got married a couple years back and instead of the usual ‘mug’ with the groomsmen’s initials on it as a gift to the guys in my wedding party, I opted for Benchmade knives with each groomsmen’s initials and the wedding date as a gift… still hearing stories from the guys about how friggin’ awesome the knives are and how they hold a great edge. In my mind, it was an awesome brand that made one helluva awesome gift.

    Take care… and keep the great write-ups coming!! True GORUCK fans love ’em.

  2. Brian Harrison says:

    I am a knife maker and a Benchmade dealer. I carry my own AND my Benchmades. Always enjoy the behid the scenes look at what the “other guys” are doing 🙂

  3. Jon W says:

    my benchmade is the model 51. I’ve walked out the door and forgot my wallet once or twice,but never my benchmade. I only buy the best because I aint like the rest,and thats just how it is. keep up the great work gentlemen.

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