Atmospherics at Special Forces Combat Divers School, Key West, Florida

Dive School is known to be one of the most challenging in all of Special Operations, which means the guys who pass are typically the work harder / play hardest type. And always characters, even by Green Beret standards.

The question I’ve heard most often is why Dive School is necessary since wars are mostly fought in the desert and in the mountains. The short answer is that this school teaches a small team how to infiltrate surreptitiously and then get to work (among other things), and you never know when, or where that will be necessary. So they train our guys to be ready for it, just in case.

Thanks to the SGM for the tour and for letting me talk about the Green Beret Foundation. Good luck to the next class, which is going on while we’ll be at Beached.


  1. Woodward F Bennett says:

    Fantastic photos! What a great opportunity to see such a great School. So much history and (probably) some amazing stories not available for general disclosure!

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful images!

  2. Chris Webb says:

    Awesome. I remember seeing some of this stuff years ago. So great to see that this history has been preserved…and posted here on GoRuck!
    Thanks Jason!

  3. Jeremy Burke says:

    not taking anything away from the overall Combat Diver vibe, but top pic is 46th Co (Thailand). anyway, good stuff. I can smell the pool every time I see these pics (fantasy fest class 2000)

  4. Mark Hollabaugh says:

    Great Course! Graduated back in about June of 86. Pool week was a blast! We had to master Crossovers and Bobbing back then. Ours twas the last hard class.

  5. THOMAS V NOLEN says:

    Cass of 66,wow i’am not supposed to be alive, i loved it,got some great pictures. will post them when i get back home from brazil, live in SARATOGA NY.

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