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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the Black Hills, South Dakota

Sturgis, minus our Harleys, made us supremely jealous of anyone who had theirs. All 500,000 of them. But we still enjoyed camping in Custer State Park, driving Needles Hwy and all around a very underrated Black Hills National Forest, Sturgis proper, and Mount Rushmore. Next time we’ll ride there on our Harleys, and see the sights, including the buffaloes, as it should be, with the wind in our face.

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1995, Sturgis, South Dakota

We’ve been fans of Sturgis since forever, and have family and friends that have been riding there for years now. (Pics all from Jason's dad, c. 1995). Sturgis is about a lot more than the small town of 6,000 or so, it’s about the adventure of getting there and riding the open roads in the parks when you do. While the town itself is a necessary destination, the beauty of the event is in the Badlands, on a Harley, with friends alongside. August 9, 2010 is the first day of the 70th version, expected attendance 500,000, including us.

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Beautiful and Rough in North Dakota

North Dakota sunflowers face East and stared at us for the length of our drive across the state. Distraction by natural beauty led to a smiling question: “Were you just not paying attention or what?” So, we got the opportunity to make another friend in law enforcement en route to Teddy Roosevelt’s National Park in the West. Worthy of a rough rider, and a great destination for a rugged run towards a rising sun, complete with a prairie dog stand-off at the end. Leaving the state, we hoped we left a good impression, as the North appears comfortable using the South as a backstop for target practice. Yet on we drove…

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