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Habitat for Humanity, New Orleans, Louisiana

Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans was at the top of our list of things to do this summer, especially given what’s gone on here since Katrina. Yes, it felt like volunteer tourism, but the houses themselves, and the families soon to live in them, welcome all the sweat help they can get. The safety brief to start it out quickly transitioned to power tools and roofing under the Louisiana sun. Java oversaw our progress and got dirty with everyone else. Many thanks to Dan, our fearless project manager, who will always have our respect for the work that he does day in and day out.

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Coop’s Place, New Orleans, Louisiana

Coop’s Place is the right answer: local, with a vibe to match, some of the best food in town and a staff that is casual yet proud of the place. When asked what the special is, Steve, our bartender, said Yes, I recommend the food here, all of it. When pressed, red beans and rice with fried chicken came out. Java welcomed the dog friendly atmosphere and the picture of Coop’s dog above the fireplace, so we stayed a good while into our first night in the Big Easy.

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