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Disobedience in Boulder, Colorado

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how many tickets we’ve racked up since our adventure began. We are experts at talking our way out of them, so the answer was zero, but Boulder had something to prevent yet another cop from loving our story and letting us off with a warning. The GORUCK Truck in lead, Jack following in disobedience. Captured on camera, Jack coolly runs the red in a friend’s truck. Ticket count for Team GORUCK now stands at 1, but stay tuned, a lot of miles left to cover.

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Moe’s Broadway Bagels, Boulder, Colorado

After a late night in Denver we paid an early visit an old friend at a Boulder institution, Moe’s Broadway Bagels. Without seriously consulting the menu, we asked for large cups of hot coffee and the house specialty. The brew was superb (and much needed) and the bacon egg and cheese was every bit as good as we hoped for. Moe’s hit the spot, and will continue to hit the spot every time we’re in Boulder.

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