Tribe Kids: December 2021 Workout Details

Tribe Kids: Seek Service

The theme for December is “Seek Service.” In choosing a service project to do with young and middle-grade children, it is important to communicate to the children that any activity, small or big, is important! From cleaning the house/garage/yard with their family members, to working on a local “Habitat for Humanity” project or a trash pick-up, or even raising money for a cause, children can do a multitude of things to be of service. 

But be weary of doing things that seem helpful and are not. By this we mean, choose a project in your community that is needed, and has been identified by community leaders and organizations as important. Taking the lead of local businesses and non-profits and working alongside them teaches our children how important it is to work together and build community through service. 

Workout A:

Ruck 1 mile, once a week (4 miles total during the month)

Workout B:

December Workout for Kids 8-12 Years Old:

*Do this with a friend; divide the reps how you’d like so that you get the total number; if you are alone, do 25 reps of everything

For time:

50 Air squats

50 Plank hand claps with your partner

50 No push-up burpees over the ruck

50 back to back seated ruck passes

December Workout for Kids 8 and Under:

*Parents: younger children can do this with a friend, but do not need to devise a rep scheme division (because math); they can just do it as a group for fun!

AMRAP in 6 minutes: 

4 10-meter shuttle runs

5 air squats

6 side to side twists

10 plank shoulder taps

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