Tribe Kids: April 2022 Details

Tribe Kids: Seek Nature

This month we “Seek Nature,” by celebrating Earth Day, reading stories about a famous wolf, and doing workouts in honor of that wolf. Journey, also known as OR7, is a real wolf who was born in Oregon in 2009. Biologists fitted young Journey with a radio tracking collar that allowed them to know where he was at all times. For many years, scientists studied Journey’s movements and the eventual growth of his pack. By observing Journey, humans know a lot more about wolf behaviors and can better protect them and their habitats. Our 8 and under book is Journey’s true story; our 8-12 year old book is fictional story based on Journey’s life.

In addition to reading Journey’s story and doing the workouts, we encourage grown-ups to have conversations with the children in their lives about nature. What are they curious about? If they are interested in doing the challenge, ask them what their own ideas are and facilitate their chosen actions. If the children in your life are more interested in learning about nature and animals, education is also a way we can take care of our planet, so encourage that as well!

Are you planning to attend the Sandlot Fitness Festival in Jacksonville Beach April 22-24? There will be TWO Tribe Kids events and our Tribe Kids, Cadre Jaala and DS, are both giving TED-Style talks on Friday April 22 at 2:00pm EST. We’d love to see you there!

Workout A:

MUD Ruck! Choose a rainy day, or a place that has some mud and splash around! After getting yourself muddy, ruck for 30 min with a grown up.

Workout B:

April Workout for Kids 8 and Under:


AMRAP in 4 min

:30 secs wolf crawl

5 ruck swings (unweighted)

2x 10 meter shuttle runs

5 ruck thrusters (unweighted)

April Workout for Kids 8-12 Years Old:

AMRAP in 7 min

:30 secs wolf crawl

15 ruck swings

4x 10 meter shuttle runs

10 ruck thrusters

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