Starting Somewhere Anywhere aka Training For The Challenge

Monster_Black Hive_Training starts today

You gotta start somewhere anywhere and it might as well be today. That’s my theory anyway so Monster’s first ever trip to a gym is my first in years and it feels like starting over because it is and starting over is hard and humbling and all those human emotions we try so hard to avoid.

Anyway it’s not confession time and this isn’t the beginning of some lame self help book blah blah just a note to say that The Challenge is a real goal for me translation I’m not ready for it not even close and the only way to be ready is to get ready one day at a time.

For the first week+ of training, here’s my plan:

  • Cardio 3x/week (run/ruck)
    • Rucking is actually an ART Active Resistance Training strength and cardio in one. What Garrett said lol.
    • The goal is just to get some miles in and bust up the cobwebs, I don’t care about the speed
  • Strength 3x/week (30 mins tops per)
    • Focus on body weight exercises – push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups
    • If weighted exercises, super light. 15 reps is the goal for everything weighted
    • No rest during PT. Life’s busy, standing around is what you do in a bar not in a gym
  • Carry around my GR1 with 30# in it everywhere I go. The time under a ruck will add up minute by minute.

I’ll re-assess every week and add more with the goal being steady progress, no injuries, and to not be stupid like hey I think I’ll thrash myself my first day back that leads to a week of not being able to move or even effectively keyboard aka my day job.

Thanks to all of GORUCK Nation for the inspiration and the encouragement even if only because you’re licking your lips at the prospect of payback. I’m eager and excited to join the GRT ranks April 18th.


  1. Lucas S. says:

    I wasn’t planning my first challenge until June after “knocking the cobwebs off” at a light April 4th. But now I might just make a road trip to part of your challenge cause we all know the cadre are gonna make this extra special just for you Jason! Keep up the great work and GORUCK!

  2. Eric Seachrist says:

    Does this mean you’ll be doing the Heavy in Bellbrook, too – and make all of us Ohio GRTs even more proud? 🙂 Keep up the good work, Jason!

  3. jason says:

    Eric – man, lemme see how The Challenge goes. Best guess though when I do another GORUCK Event, it’ll be in O-H-I-O where I’m from. And … I will be at the Bellbrook event I never miss a good opportunity to hang with my pops in his garage.

  4. Eric Seachrist says:

    Only kidding, Jason. I hope to go to Bellbrook for the Challenge myself, and look forward to meeting you. Good luck at the JAX Challenge.

  5. Kritter says:

    Oh good I’ll follow your trainning… first Challenge was last October so I decided to go ahead and jump to a HCL in June. Already carry my ruck with weight everywhere need to work on the Push Ups and such LOL thanks for this great event love it and will hopefully do many more!!

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