Star Course 50 Miler – Chicago

The Star Course 50 Miler – Chicago kicked off June 15th with the same challenge as 001: Do 50 miles in under 20 hours. The participants crushed it with 23 finishers who proved that anyone can do it if they put the heart and effort into it.



Sign ups:  45
Participants:  41
Finishers:  23
Teams Registered:  14
Teams Showed:  13
Teams Finished: 11
Youngest Participant:  20 years old
Oldest Participant: 59 years old



Ruck Uncommon 15:38
Team WWG1WGA 17:13
West O RC 17:14
Team Cannata 17:48
The Sultans of Suck 17:51
Team Bayonet 18:07
Chicago Blue Line 18:07
The Doctors 18:18
DFQ JZ Ruckers 18:43
1811Ruckersv\ 18:44
Rucking Idiots 18:44



“What an incredible experience to do my 1st GORUCK with my 2 sons and complete the 50 mile Star Course Challenge! The hardest thing I have ever completed yet most inspiring and rewarding to complete and cross finish line with my boys. Definitley want to do another GORUCK challenge!”


“I went to the 50 miler as part of a team of strays. We were all solos who couldn’t find partners and had to team up. As always, I’m struck by the caliber of people who show up to do these events. Even though a few of them had to drop, they were great guys. The ones who stuck it out were monsters. Thanks again, and hopefully I’ll be back next year challenging to win the event. Mocha Mike, BD, and Mickey were cool cats and great to be around.”


“This was an exceptionally well-designed event taking into account both Chicago’s waterfront assets and key scenery. Event leaders “cadre” provided outstanding support in strategic locations, and were a ton of fun. The event was an incredible mental and physical challenge, but it feels amazing to have finished!”


Do you have what it takes? Echoing Teddy Roosevelt and JFK and adding in our own Special Forces inspiration, here’s a challenge for those of you who seek such things – The GORUCK 50-Miler Star Course. LEARN MORE HERE.

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