Selection Class 015 Part 7: The Long Walk

The miles, the dark, the monotony, the everything aching as the silence demands attention.

Selection 015_The Long Walk_01

You carry less you carry more when does this end but if everything ended when we wanted it to we’d learn so much less about everything.

Selection 015_The Long Walk_02

The known variable in this event is that it’s 48+ hours. Meaning this is the last sunrise and if you’re a participant that knowledge is as motivating as a golden ticket to tour the Wonka factory.

Time starts to be on your side.

Selection 015_The Long Walk_03

My focus in chatting with not so much at Jon anymore was forced hydration. Zero-Two-Five what do you think the greatest risk to you finishing is? Med drop, Cadre? he asks. Yeah, med drop. The sun’s coming up, it’ll be hot. You can’t hydrate after the fact, it starts now. Hydration is a process, drink half that Nalgene bottle time now.

I really didn’t want to see Jon go the way of AJ for any reason. And it reminds me of SERE school where the Cadre are still doing their worst at the end (literally) and it stays terrible but they start to give you the answers, too. And they’re better judges of what you’re capable of than you yourself are so you listen to them if you’re smart almost like that line in T2 about Come with me if you want to live.

Almost I say.

Selection 015_The Long Walk_04

Mostly just curiosity as to how his back was doing after all the sand, all the miles. Topical pain like friction or blisters are just pain and pain don’t hurt if you don’t let it. Over time it can be a problem but in 48+ hours topical stuff is kinda like whatever, deal with it.

Selection 015_The Long Walk_05

Jon’s pants were completely thrashed, his fly wouldn’t close, and he used his PT belt as an, ummmmmmm, belt. Good on him for all except for his pant selection I guess.

Selection 015_The Long Walk_06

Deep sigh for Jon now just thinking about Dakotah saying Zero-two-five the next exercise will be Sandbag Babies.

Selection 015_The Long Walk_08

Oh how many times is the timing just not right for the backgrounds of our lives.

Selection 015_The Long Walk_11

Beer > Bananas in almost every instance, hour 42 of Selection being an exception.

Selection 015_The Long Walk_12

I bike by this spot every day on my way to work with Monster. And I always kinda smile about Jon just chilling waitin’ for whatever’s next like hey here’s your water finish it and more. The temp was around 80 degrees and full of humidity.

Selection 015_The Long Walk_14_Cadre waiting

The sharks await.

Selection 015_The Long Walk_15

And the meat makes its way to their waters.

Selection 015_The Long Walk_16

Selection 015_The Long Walk_17_Bert

Zero-Two-Five follow my finger. Yes, Cadre.

How you doin’ Zero-Two-Five. Good, Cadre.

OK. Standby…

Up next: Part 8: Shark Attack

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