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Wednesday night I went to an Ice Cream Ruck a few miles south of HQ @NOCRucks. 161 people showed up at 7pm in the town square. This was a big crowd, but they do this every week — people meeting people, spending time outside. The ruck was 1-3 miles (you AND your kids pick) and the line for ice cream was what it should be on a perfect summer night in America. Our kids ran around for hours and slept like lions that night.

Friday morning at 630 am in front of @goruckscars, 10 showed up. We kicked off the almost 4th weekend with 200 sandbag burpees (replace that dumb clap by raising a sandbag up). After every set of 10, shoulder the sandbag and shuffle 50 meters. Metallica was blasting and when we were done dominating gravity we drank some coffee and enjoyed the rest of the morning in total peace.
Point is, depending on what you’re doing, you’ll get more or fewer people with different goals and expectations. That’s OK – in fact, that’s great. The key is just to be consistent and manage expectations. I didn’t expect 200 sandbag burpees for a family ice cream ruck, I didn’t expect ice cream cones this morning. I did expect to have fun at both, and FUN is critical because if you’re having fun you’ll look forward to coming again.

“Community building” doesn’t sound as catchy as eating dirt or seeking pain or being a meat eater and it doesn’t sound as fun as ice cream and sun dresses on a perfect American summer night. So call whatever you’re doing whatever you want. If it works meaning people show up and you all have fun together, that’s what it’s all about.

We have over 500 community-led Ruck Clubs all around the world. I’m proud to help run one of them, and to get to drop into others whenever possible. This is all about bringing people together. Some meetups are thrashers, some are socials with rucks on. Freedom means you all get to pick, where you are, to do what you want to do.

I’m really proud of our community and our leaders. Here’s to you all and I hope everyone has a great weekend. Yes, this weekend’s meetups are still on, same as every other weekend. Don’t want to miss out on any FUN, after all.

To find a ruck club near you, check out the list on our site:

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