Inspiring Service at Veterans Day Challenges


On Veterans Day November 11, our nation honors 21.8 million Veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve for the common good. There are parades and yellow ribbons and we give a little more thought to what it means to Support the Troops.

At GORUCK, we turn the thinking and parades into action. The GORUCK Challenge, which always builds a bridge between the military and civilian worlds, takes on a Veterans Day theme.

To Support the Troops is great, but would you like to share time under a log with them? Hear tales of service, and sacrifice? Learn leadership from some of our nation’s best? It may be tough, but that’s why it’s worthwhile.

Being around service inspires service, and that’s our goal. Speaking of which, the Election. If you’re off put, do something about it. Consider service of any kind, something to make your community and our nation stronger.

There is only one President. We’re 319 million strong, inspired by our Veterans, and there’s lots of work to do, together.

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