GORUCK Tough aka Doin’ Something Awesome

Because being awesome is a perishable skill and the past matters less as time does more of its thing and every once in a while you have to do something that totally sucks to prove your own awesomeness … throw in some f-bombs and that’s pretty much Cadre Dan verbatim and you ignore (his) truths at your own peril so a GORUCK Challenge sure I’m in and Dan you’re Cadre do your worst lol.

And how did it rate now that it’s over? Watching my son come into this world and saying good bye to my grandfather and years later, to Java, for the last time are some of the most emotional experiences of my life. Finishing my first GORUCK Challenge is up there with those.

It’s not about the logs or the weight though damn it wasn’t nothing and I’m comparing it to my past in SF in every way. This is about doing something awesome with awesome people and I loved it. You all, this community, this path has changed my life so much for the better and I only got one more thing to say before I find another event to do and it’s just two words: thank you.

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