GORUCK Adds Self-Defense to Firearms Day

Firearms Day Patch 2015

GORUCK Self-Defense, an add-on for GORUCK Firearms Day

GORUCK Self Defense is in its beta testing phase, making it the perfect time to take advantage. After all, it is completely free and may not be around for long.

Several of the pistol FAD (Firearms Day) classes will have self-defense training attached soon after the day of shooting is complete. We will be using rubber/plastic non-guns for disarming movements and will focus primarily on that topic to complement all the gun handling from earlier in the day. You will learn common defenses used by the Israeli security establishment and gain enough understanding to practice these lessons with your battle buddy at home.

These classes are designed for training in groups of two, so please sign up with a friend. Or, point your battle buddy in the direction of one of these event locations:

Please remember not to bring any guns, knives or ammo into the training area for safety purposes.


  1. Miny says:

    I took a firearm training (self defense) on Dec.3rd it was amazing .. I am thinking bout taking another one but seems like no self defense class in 2016? Even there are not many firearm pistol classes next year .. Would you be considered more FIrearm classes + self defense classes and advance classes plz? I would love to keep taking some classes in future . Thank you

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