From GORUCK Nation: Go Bragg or Go Home

My First Event

I found GORUCK through their Instagram. I follow all sorts of adventure races and GORUCK has quickly climbed to the top of those. I started rucking because I had recently moved to Neptune Beach, Florida from Raleigh, NC and wanted to make friends that enjoyed what I like to do. I decided to do a GORUCK event because what better way to learn how to ruck than just to do it. Bragg happened to be the first event coming up. 

My Cadre at the event were Chuy, Nate, Dan, Bill, Bo and Larry. We started the event with PT followed by one of the heaviest and longest rucks I have ever done. Around 3pm the following day we were sunk in mud. From head to toe, you could hardly tell who each other were. From there we had to run back to the camp in time to make the 6pm stop. Everyone was tired and aching. The fast pace that the Cadre set was difficult for the entire group to keep up. This was where I had the chance to push myself as a team member the most. We started strapping on each other’s Rucks and allowed them to hold on to our back to keep up. Though difficult on everyone who participated, this was the only way the entire team could keep that fast pace. 

The most difficult thing about the GORUCK event is not knowing what to expect. Over the course of 24 hours I never knew what was coming up or how much energy to exert because you don’t know what is about to come. The 120lb sandbag was pretty brutal too.  

I used the Rucker for the Bragg Heavy. I received it in the mail the Wednesday before the event. It was the Gunmetal 20L Rucker from GORUCK. The day my Rucker came in the mail I went over to my local GORUCK club and the entire team spent their beer time teaching me how to pack my bag, what to bring, and what to expect when I go to the Bragg Heavy. Without the push from the GORUCK community I don’t think I would have gone through with the event. 

After finishing a ruck, I feel like I accomplished something I doubted I could ever finish. This teaches me endurance, strength, and respect for everything athletes and the GORUCK community do. I walked away with a ton of new friends from across the country. They have encouraged me to participate in future GORUCK events

Ruck Clubs

I am part of the GORUCK HQ Club. My favorite part about the ruck club is seeing everyone I workout with at the gym at the weekly rucks. It’s a community that loves everything I love and is accepting of families, dogs, and CrossFit. What else could you ask for? 

Rucking also gets me out of the house. There is always something going on in the community and in the local group where I can be outside and get my heart rate up too. 

How would you explain rucking to someone new?

It’s the best way to get exercise, build a community, challenge yourself and others all while accomplishing things you thought you would never do. Since I’ve started rucking here in Jacksonville, I feel like I’m home. 

This is by far the best community I have seen in any adventure series or race. Everyone in the GORUCK community is supportive and friendly. Asking for help was the easiest way to navigate doing my first GORUCK event and the entire community was there to support me. 

– Talen Hurd, Newb GRT

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