Featured GORUCK Club: Jirina Harastova of the Phalanx Ruck Club

I was born and raised in a small town of the Czech Republic. When I moved to USA at the age of 17, the drastic change in scenery forced me to grow up, mature and learn all the lessons (that would eventually make me invincible), very early on. Finding GORUCK in 2012 was exactly what I needed to overcome the harshest of them all. Class #141, NYC has given me everything I needed. I was hooked from the very first moment I showed up to our Start Point of the cobblestone Wall Street of NYC. The people, the team that those very people formed, the Cadre, the energy, the intensity, the “it’s not about you, it’s about the person on the left and the right of you”. The bonds we’ve formed over 12 hour period of suck and laughter, fascinating and absolutely incredible. I was hooked.


And ever since then GORUCK has been a big part of my life. All of the lessons, experiences with my teams, has made me a better leader, better business owner, better person and a teammate in life. Everything I’ve received from that evening 7 years ago (and from dozens of events I’ve done since) I’ve been sharing with those around me, GORUCK absolutely builds better people. For that I am forever grateful. GORUCK has since then evolved into so much more and it’s been so awesome to watch their journey from my side. It’s an incredible community of just amazing people I am grateful to be a part of. Also, off the record….I’m pretty proud that the first few patches still say “GORLICK” on them.



My Ruck Club was formed in 2017 as an extension to my gym community. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 14 years now as a certified personal trainer, pre and post natal exercise specialist and group fitness instructor. Our ruck club is based in Hoboken, NJ, but we venture out to neighboring towns very often. We are on the smaller size compare to some other clubs but boy are we intense and fearless! We ruck for fun, we ruck for speed, we ruck with purpose, we ruck for others. Our ruck club, besides weekly meet ups, holds many annual rucks that everyone looks forward to. Among our favorites are rucking on my pup’s birthday to the local animal shelter with donated food and enrichment for the less fortunate pups and kitties who are waiting for their forever home. The annual 4th of July and Memorial rucks are pretty awesome and badass as well.


One of my favorite things to observe is when people are introduced to this new world of rucking, the physical and mental benefits that are slightly different than benefits of running, lifting, cross training, etc. It’s different. For many reasons, I always encourage rucking as addition not substitution. Rucking will enhance your performance in any sport/life you already do. It will also enhance your body and mind. You can use rucking for active recovery as well or as a main source of transportation. After all, our bodies were designed to move this way. It’s good for you, it’s low impact, the muscle activation is different than in other activities. Pick up the pace, increase the load and now we’re working! Rucking has become another tool in conditioning myself, my members and clients. The extra bonus? You strengthen bonds with your fellow ruckers. It’s definitely something we need to do more of in this great digital time. Now, grab a friend and go ruck!
Jirina Harastova of the Phalanx Ruck Club

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