Featured GORUCK Club: Glen McDonald and the 630 Ruckers

Why did I start rucking after the Marine Corps?  It’s simple, when I was in the Corps my MOS was a cook, I was the guy that anytime my unit 2/2 2nd Mar Div went to the field, I had to go with them. In typical Marine Corps fashion, we rucked anytime we went to the field. I realized back then how it would kick my ass. My back hurts, my legs hurt, my feet hurt.

When I got out of the Marine Corps, I got fat and nasty. So I knew it was a great workout. I rucked before rucking was cool. My first GORUCK Tough was class #079 NOLA Halloween night. It was a blast, Cadre Lou kicked my ass and that’s all it took. Now at 50+ GORUCK events I assist 630 Ruckers and Team Bayonet with all the great things we’ve been doing in our area. 

Rucking is all about all the people you meet. It teaches you to build a strong rapport with the other individuals doing the events. At GORUCK it’s different because it’s not about egos and individualism, you achieve something as a team and overcoming adversity collectively is worth far more than any individual achievement. And it doesn’t matter whether an event has 5 or 75 people, it’s amazing to see everyone working together. I’ve met most of my friends through GORUCK.

Rucking has helped me relieve daily stresses. It has shown me that I can still push yourself past the point of uncomfortable to get the job done, no matter what the circumstances are. GORUCK events also give you the chance to test yourself under physical and mental exhaustion.

We have all tried several different types of training to stay in shape, but nothing has ever physically or mentally challenged me like these events have. With GORUCK you never know what you are getting into, and that’s a large part of the fun of it. The unknown.


– Glen McDonald, GRT of the Week

630 Ruckers are in the Western suburbs of Chicago. They love training hard and having fun. If you’re in the area, stop by and ruck with them!

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