Feature GORUCK Club of the Week: Luis Benavides and the River City Ruckers

I learned about GORUCK after two of gym buddies/co-founders of the group were training for a Tough in Gainesville. It was a great alternative to walking and doing it as a group was always fun. I love how uplifting the community is and supportive of everyone who rucks. I also love how they team up for giving back to the local community and military community.

My first official event was the Scavenger in St. Augustine with Cadre Cody. We needed to have a picture of a ghost in some of our photos so we went and bought a sheet and had it in our rucks, pulling it out when needed. My second event was the 9/11 Light. I got a Rucker prior to my first event and I love it’s durability and feel. It really is designed great for events with the plate pocket. 

The River City Ruckers was founded in 2018 by myself, Will Clark, and Shaun McPherson. The club naturally came together. Becoming an official GORUCK club helped in giving us direction so we could keep our members engaged, at the same time creating a larger network of friends. It’s helped me discover I like to lead and educate people. It also gives me a chance to help people discover they are capable of so much more. The goal of our ruck club is, as Jason says, to have fun. 

I’m still kind of new but I love being a part of this group! It’s such an amazing way to get outside, meet new people and challenge yourself. It’s not only good for your physical health but it’s good for the soul, too! – Leslie Davis

This group has been a great addition to my regular exercise routine and I’m proving to myself that I can do hard things! Everyone has been so welcoming which I truly appreciate as someone who is not very outgoing. The teamwork and encouragement is totally worth coming back week after week! Rucking > running! – Christa Patchen

When people ask me about Rucking, I tell them its is a terrific alternative to running and a great way to build a community from. Not only are you getting a good physical workout, but you are getting a mental pick me up. The energy that everyone provides a bit of a recharge after a long week of work and dealing with stress.

RCR has given a pathway to so many different people I normally would not have met and found how similar we all are and we are challenged together. It’s supportive and motivating. I look forward to seeing everyone just for us all to be tortured with smiles on our faces….it doesn’t come with a few complaints. I won’t say any names…lol. Happy to be a part of this band of misfits. – Angel Prescott Gonzalez


As we continue to grow, we are putting together events to help prepare people for upcoming GORUCK events, such as our version of a Light event, and Star Course event. We also plan to have fun events, with our Luminaria Ruck coming up this Sunday night and the return of our Turkey Ruck next year. Also, we plan to do some social events and community service projects. We definitely want to team up with other clubs in our areas, The Southside Ruckers, The Mother Ruckers, GORUCK HQ Ruck Club, Camden County Ruckers, 1565 RUCKS – Historic St. Augustine ruck club, and the Jax Beach Ruckers to plan bigger events as well. Looking forward to 2020 and beyond. 

– Luis Benavides, GRT and Founder of River City Ruckers

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