GRHQ Brew Ruck: Community, Beer, and Rucking


In May of 2017, we started a Service Action initiative at the GORUCK Challenge. After working to inspire people to spearhead service, our goal became to put that into action by serving the communities that our events were held in.

A few hundred events and service actions later, HQ wanted to make sure that we stood by the words that we preach, and we held a mini-BrewRuck here in Jacksonville Beach, benefitting Beam Food Pantry. So we placed a donation bin at Really Good Beer Stop. They ran a special discount for people who donated, and after two weeks, we rucked through town, stopped at Really Good Beer Stop and picked up the food that had been donated. After loading up rucks, it was time to carry the food back to be donated.

BrewRuck was a concept created by Team Spearhead in May of 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina. They figured that since they were blessed with the time, money and ability to ruck between the local breweries in Charlotte, that they should use that as an opportunity to help those in need in their community.

Rick Tanner, a founder of Team Spearhead, took charge and made it a charity event to benefit Second Harvest Foodbank in Charlotte. He went out and built partnerships with each of the breweries and other local beer-focused groups. Every brewery promoted the food drive for weeks before the event by having the donation barrels on site and running promotions in-house to drive patron donations. The price of admission to the ruck event was a ruck full of food to donate. The group then visited each of the breweries on the route and picked up the food that had been donated, with an endex at the Second Harvest warehouse.

Our goal is to grow this to a bigger event, like Team Spearhead has, and inspire other Ruck Clubs to find fun ways to give back to their communities.

The best thing about GRHQ is Monster. The best part of GORUCK is the people. Let’s show other people what we can do in our community and with each other.

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Christopher Goad