Charming the Snake – BETA Challenge September 25, 2015


“Charming the Snake” is upon us. To mark the 5 year anniversary of GORUCK Challenge Class 001, I’ll be Cadre for a Special BETA CTS Tough in Fayetteville, NC, on September 25th.

What is Charming the Snake?
Lots of miles. Lots of stories. Lots of weight. Lots of teamwork. Lots of leadership. Lots of relating the lessons of the Challenge to your daily life. I will thoroughly explain “Charming the Snake” during the Challenge. Basically though, it’s a mindset that empowers you to overcome life’s hardest challenges. Green Berets aren’t known as the Jedi Masters of Special Ops for nothin’ lol. Plus you’ll earn a special patch.

What’s different about it?
This is an overt push already underway to make every Challenge mean even more to you in your daily lives. Anyone can show up and crush a class for 12 hours. Anyone. There’s no skill in that. But our Cadre are about more, about teaching and inspiring. The mission of the Green Berets is to move in and work with and train local forces to achieve mission success, and the mission of the Green Berets is and will always be the cornerstone of GORUCK Events. And it’s also very much the cornerstone of “Charming the Snake.”

But let me be clear. No, this is not a post about hey the Challenge is quietly getting easier. This is a post to say the Challenge is evolving. More mental. And where necessary, more physical too. We love passing along our lessons learned from serving America in war zones far and wide in the pursuit of Building Better Americans here, at home. We’re grateful for the opportunity you give us.

I’m excited to Cadre my first Challenge of 2015, then ruck the final Kill That 5K of 2015 and drink a bunch of beers with everyone, and I hope to see you there.

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  1. I got a bit of a sense of Charming the Snake at a GoRuck Solutions event on Tuesday of this week (with Big Daddy), and I liked what I heard.

    I think five years on is a good point to re-assess, re-imagine, and re-invent. As you said, evolution is natural. Or, said another way, evolve or die. I also think people are looking for more in a lot of different ways from the GRCs and in life. And folks that have served in SOF do not tend to be the kind that just grind stuff into the ground. Yeah, they can smoke folks like the best of them, but they also bring leadership, intelligence, adaptability, and communications to their job and that’s an interesting & unique combination and something to take advantage of.

    P.S. GoRuck Solutions events are excellent, and highly recommended if you need a quality leadership event at work. 🙂

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