Why Monster

He’s the face of GORUCK. We call him the President of GORUCK Nation (because he is). But why? Who is he? GORUCK is a “company” that builds gear and produces events. So why are we talking about a dog?

Because life is too short to be boring, and Monster makes everything more fun.

We could build gear and market it coldly and “perfectly”. We did that in 2010, it didn’t work. Nobody bought anything. Here’s our original home page, GR1 is featured:

Boring, even if perfect so-called.

Now on Monster:

Tough and Beautiful.

Which one makes you smile more?

Yeah, Monster makes us smile more, too. Everywhere, all the time. At GRHQ (Monster is hiring) in Jax Beach, Florida, at home chasing kids around, at the beach chasing birds. And on so-called photo shoots with loud music, cold beer, and stacks of GORUCK gear.

Put GORUCK gear next to Monster and it’s perfect branding. He’s tough, he’s beautiful. Like our gear. It’s easy for you to make that connection, while you’re smiling.

And smiling is winning. So that’s why Monster.

More adorably cute Monster stuff here.


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