Vote Java for President 2012

The constant din of political banter going on makes me wish I were on deployment. But since I’m not I can’t help but talk politics. And this year, politics means Java.

Java is a 6 year old English lab (despite rumors to the contrary), 78lbs and in perfect health. He’s worldly, with diplomatic trips to Africa and Europe under his belt, and (more importantly) he’s been to all 48 continental states with me.

If you couldn’t tell, he’s a reluctant candidate. Something about not wanting to deal with the invasion of privacy.

But he can campaign with the best of them. Scarfing down a sausage and appearing presidential takes a natural.

The drinking beers with a candidate question is an age old test of (political) likeability. Let’s take a poll in the comments section below. Would you like to have a beer with Java?

In the process of all the Challenges and the Ascents and all our time together, I will admit that I am completely biased. But he’s officially my homeboy and we I mean he would love your support this election day.


  1. emily says:

    What is java’s stance on climate change? Is he able to take the heat? How will he react in the face of a hurricane or other natural disaster? The Presidency can not be won on good looks alone!…or can it?

  2. jason says:

    Java supports US jobs, US manufacturing, the military, and listening to people, preferably over beers. Good looks always get him in the door but his savvy is what keeps him above the political fray. As for the heat…yeah, he’ll be just fine.

  3. TK says:

    You dang skippy I’ll vote for him! Born and raised in the USA, tough as sh!t and comes from a military family…has my vote!

  4. Jason Jones says:

    I too have an english lab named Hank. I consulted with him, as he is my political adviser. He said Java would be a great leader based on his love of U.S. raised meat products alone. Java’s affinity for American made barley hops just puts him into the bonus category. Hank would also like to point out he is a white lab voter to dispel any issues of racial bias. We vote….JAVA

  5. Andy Kemp says:

    If I wasn’t Canadian, I’d vote for Java! As a goodwill ambassador, I’ll buy Java a beer or treat of his liking!

  6. ALF says:

    Dammit! If I didn’t do early voting I would have voted for Java McCarthy. I did put that electronic typewriter to work in writing-in ALL the positions that were up for grabs.

  7. ALF says:

    Oh, in answering your poll Jason, I would have a beer with Java if it’s Sapporo or Asahi.


  8. Trevor says:

    Java is a gorgeous dog! Jason, please tell me you have plans to produce a pack between a 26L and a 48L!? you have no idea how torn I am between the GR1 and GR2. I just cant pull the trigger. I know if a 32L pack was offered, I’d snatch it up real quick! Thanks for the awesome gear (my brother has the GR1). Crazy good quality.

  9. Beaux says:

    Contrary to popular belief java is not as enlightend as some may believe. Also his over consumption of eggs at GRHQ could only bring us deeper into debt. Although I like his stance on defense against refrigerator repairmen I can only foresee a back blow on his aggressive tactics. Ill still be supporting Ron Paul in 2016 but I hope nay pray that there can be a position for java in the RP kennel for this fine American.

  10. jon says:

    Jason, along with the awesome stories, your photos always turn out great to go with them. I was wondering what kind of camera you use?

  11. jason says:

    jon – thanks, man. I’m gonna work on a whole post about what I shoot (insignificant) and how I shoot — maybe a little more informative given that a couple years ago I literally had no idea how to take a picture with one of the fancy schmancy big cameras. Interestingly enough, the fundamentals of shooting a rifle and shooting a camera are pretty similar.

  12. Markus Ismael says:

    A meat eating, beer drinking, candidate who is always genuinely and ecstatically glad to see you come home…who wouldn’t want to drink beer with someone like that?

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