Tradition, Culture, and a Ram’s Horn.

So we have this, tradition call it. When you’re a new employee at GORUCK HQ at some point you have to drink a beer out of it. Sure it’s kind of gross because a bunch of people have done it before you, and it’s a fact that it’s never been washed (it would take all the flavor away). But it’s what we do and if you’re cool, it’s what you’ll do too.

The Ram’s Horn… 90% of the time it sits on top of the bar in the back of the office and collects dust. But, if you’re new to the GORUCK family, we do insist, not force, we can’t force you to do anything, to drink a beer out of The Ram’s Horn. We aren’t singling you out. Everyone has done it. So best advice, just do it with a smile.

Some people like Megan here try to fight it, but they always give in. AND SHE’S A GERM FREAK WEIRDO.

That’s the great thing about HQ, we are pretty much all like family and when you start your first day, you now have 15 big brothers and sisters. We do love you, we just like messing with you too.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.57.23 PM
Cody isn’t the only SEAL that we have at GORUCK, but he’s the only one that shows up at HQ everyday. That being said, he’s also the first one to say that he’ll do something stupid.

Just don’t think about it. Doesn’t matter that it was found at the top of a dirty mountain and was sitting there for god knows how long, what kind of animals lived and died inside of it and honestly what it has been through since it has shown up at GORUCK. You’ll be fine, we’re all fine.

It should surprise no one that Nick happily picked up the horn. He will literally do anything we say all the time, and we love him for it.

So welcome to HQ FNG, it’s a lot to take in, so take a deep breath and chug… Cheers!

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