No Logos and Black Is the New Black Just Reference Army Regulation 670-1


Branding 101 clearly states that people better recognize your logo and for that to happen they better see it as often as possible. So nobody way back when liked the idea of GR1 with no external branding and welcome to perhaps the fundamental contradiction of GORUCK. I suppose we could be louder and yeah I have a GORUCK T-shirt on right this second with a big logo on it but our rucksacks are a daily use thing till forever and a much greater commitment that’s code for a lot more expensive and logos never belonged on them. Permanently anyway.

In 2008 the Army style was our great influencer and became the foundation for GORUCK gear and it’s uniformly simple and clean and functional. Logos matter far less than the gear itself as in will it actually perform in war yes or no.

Yes, or No? and you better get that one right it’s an important question with an important answer.

If No then throw it out and if Yes then that’s what you want as an operator and I dreamt of a world where we could create rucks the guys would want to use as in Yes and insofar as we have I’m grateful for the opportunity to build better gear that servicemen and women can benefit from downrange.

Our journey started with GR1 years ago and oh by the way the Army recently came out updated regulations via 670-1 which state, among other things:

If soldiers choose to wear a shoulder bag while in uniform, the bag must be black or match the camouflage pattern uniform being worn, and may not have any commercial logos.

Which means GORUCK’s line of black original rucksacks are authorized for wear in Army ACU uniforms. And as a side note our rucks are also authorized for wear in all equivalent uniforms in all the service branches. Since the ACU’s are literally the worst camouflage pattern in the history of uniforms (yes, I still wore them with pride), black it is and black is the new black and the old black.

Download the GR1 pdf to hang where you choose here.

GR1 here.





Rucks left to right: Echo, GR0, GR1, GR2…and Monster.







And a huge thanks to Monster for all the cooperation nobody even had to force him in that GR2 isn’t that cool.

GORUCK Rucksacks here.


  1. Benn says:

    Great post! I also noticed that the Bullet 5 and 15 are back in stock. Speaking of Black, are these only going to be offered in Black from here out? I feel like all GR offerings look best in black, with the exception of the Bullet. They just look great in Coyote. As always, keep up the great work!

  2. Cole For says:

    Branding 101 would state your backwards black flag in velcro is a great way to brand thats why its on every backpack you make. You see that and you google and you’ll know who made it. As someone who doesn’t like logos I refuse to buy until you make it without that not “logo”

  3. jason says:

    Logos are protectable by Trademarks. That stitching is not because it’s not a logo. But I agree with you, it is more than nothing. It’s also completely possible to cover up, and some years ago we built a line with no MOLLE and no Velcro called Slick Rucks. Demand was very low so we stopped building them.

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