You Already Know Lee, GORUCK’s new Chief Cleaning Officer

The Last Budweiser

New titles, especially important ones, are rarely bequeathed upon the FNG. As in let’s count ’em…never. But Lee and I share the same blood and it’s good and Irish so call it nepotism and he was given an important task and he, ummmmmm, failed and that task was to keep the beer fridge full. Difficult to imagine, I know, and FNG’s have it hard at GORUCK and cry me a river. And every new anything deserves a monument and I sharpied one for Lee and it’s the last beer I brought him from the fridge he failed.

Lee_Jax Beach_Florida

In case you’re wondering, his first night in town was perfect and TGIFlorida the Bud Heavy fit nicely in his left hand like he knew what he was doing with it and plenty followed that one while we took Monster out to the beach and you’re welcome, cuz.


Bam! and you said it so I didn’t have to.

Sometime I’ll tell ya about what it’s like to be an intern here you learn a lot – no, you learn a ton – but the beer fridge better stay full and for some reason interns fail at that task, too. Hence the 2 behind Lee’s new name and Lee’s not an intern unless he runs home and never comes back.

Lee_Chief Cleaning Officer_GORUCK_Fixing the keg

But who would pass up such an important job and the first mission for the new Chief Cleaning Officer at GORUCK is to clean the keg and we’re off to a good start on a Sunday. A new good start I mean since the last one didn’t seem to have enough consequences and pretty please with sugar on top doesn’t work apparently and wish him well it ain’t easy being a McCarthy ’round here ask Monster sometime he’ll tell ya ha ha.

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