Monster and Jill and Welcome to DC

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_01
The heart survives so of course I rushed back to DC from Ohio to beat the Polar Vortex just so I could get out and play in the snow. With Monster. Me and Java old school style and yeah life’s too short not to make snow angels at the Lincoln when you have the chance. Go. Do. That. whatever That is.

When Monster’s an old man he’ll look back and smile from ear to ear and thanks to Tyler for making me promise I’d get this shot. You were right – by sheer definition once in a lifetime means once in a lifetime.

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_02

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_03

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_04

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_05
Walk on fresh powder till your eyelids crash. Be adored. Get carried. Be adored. Stick your tongue out. Be adored. Trudge through some old stomping grounds. Be adored. Stumble a little. Be adored. Meet Lou. Be adored. Get carried to the White House. Be adored.

Monster has the life.

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_06
And not everyone gets a welcome to DC party at Jill’s house. But Monster does and that was never in question. Jill and Java went way back and that’s another story because tonight was Monster’s. Ask him he’ll tell you and the things puppies get away with is borderline criminal.

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_07
So how does Monster become a star? One day after the next by being himself and the best moments in life come unplanned and unscripted and my how the heart loves to smile. So fall off the couch and onto the table and keep sleeping and where’s my camera.

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_08

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_09

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_10

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_11
Somehow being the key word end up on the dining room table in your bed, wake up and bury your head next to the soup. Landing just short, of course, and make sure it’s picture perfect.

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_12
Wake up thirsty with a bunch of girls fawning I mean thinking that the most basic action in the world is adorable. So of course you drink their water and boom! Instagram just blew up and you’re everyone’s dream Valentine and so it began.

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_13
And always thank the hostess so find her in that moment when she can’t actually believe she let you on the dining room table and warm her heart with all you got. Again. That stuff gets you everywhere in life.

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_14

Monster_DC Polar Vortex_15
Eventually all the best days and all the best nights come to and end so when it’s time to brave the cold, bundle up and grab a Monster. Everything is better that way and tomorrow is your next chance. And ours, too.


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