Mag Bricks and the Last Hour of the Flight in Las Vegas

Mag Bricks_Las Vegas_01
A flight around the world and the last hour is infinitely worse than the first however many combined. Something about you’re so close and you just wanna be there and the mind really does control everything. The morning 5am shoot was the first part of the flight and you shoulda seen my face at the Marriott off the Strip when I realized I needed to take more product shots of stuff I forgot and welcome the worst last hour.

But lucky me across the strip mall laden street from the range we’re using tonight a unicorn find aka a Macy’s furniture store with some green grass which is exactly where I wanted to spend the next hour of my life and even as I write hour with disdain, implying one and only one hour, I feel ridiculous but I was ready for that plane to be on the ground and this was a form of photographer’s torture and to make matters worse Vegas is not exactly the best place to be outdoors on an August day unless you have a heartfelt commitment to your own misery.

Mag Bricks_Las Vegas_02
But Mag Bricks it was, and Velcro on the back means they’re truly modular not like MOLLE webbing which is harder to use because it takes forever and it sucks even though it has its place until something better comes along like everything else. Velcro, on the other hand, takes 2 seconds and there is no good reason not to have it on the interior I just gotta keep from sweating all over this stuff.

Mag Bricks_Las Vegas_03

Mag Bricks_Las Vegas_04

Pistol Mag Bricks_Las Vegas_05
The assembly line continues and were we Henry Ford smart a machine would already do this for us or something. Pistol Mag Bricks fit any caliber, there’s two single stack .45 mags above. Single stack means the rounds/bullets are stacked directly above each other. Each cell will also fit for example one double stack mag, that just means it’s wider as a mag because the rounds are next to each other OK not perfectly next to each other they’re kinda offset like in a zigzag.

Pistol Mag Bricks_Las Vegas_06

Mag Bricks_Las Vegas_07
And thank God Jack came over to share in this whatever you wanna call it I mean I love what I do but assembly line photography is my version of not fun and I’m not special because everyone has that part of their job am I right or am I right.

And Jack smiled a smile of you get it so whatever and said man remember when the word on the street was GORUCK was selling out and that wasn’t the word on this hellhole of a street because nobody would sell anything to get here, 6 years later in the front yard of a Macy’s furniture store with me and you and your camera sweating our a**es off in this wanna be strip mall in Las ******* Vegas and did you already shoot the pistol mag brick and I was like yeah I think so but I can’t remember I think I’m going crazy let’s just do it again so we definitely don’t have to do it again or again comma again.

Firearms Horizontal Pockets_Las Vegas_08
Horizontal Pockets Large and Medium correspond to ammo box sizes, none of which is 100% uniform of course because uniformity is super efficient but this is America and too much uniformity isn’t what freedom’s all about and here’s the period to that sentence right here.

Firearms Horizontal Pockets_Las Vegas_09

Mag Bricks_Las Vegas_10
The 7.62 3 Cell Mag Brick and apparently 25 round clips are weird but Tyler was adamant we show it fitting insert his big smile now and he only had one of ‘em, a 25 round mag that is, so it’s in the middle and weird? what’s that say about me since I love that guy and on its left and right are 20 rounders. Normal 20 rounders that is.

Mag Bricks_Las Vegas_11

Firearms Vertical Pockets_Las Vegas_12
And more assembly line the vertical pockets that correspond to the round size and ‘Merica the large fits large caliber boxes ‘magine that and the medium fits medium caliber boxes ‘magine that.

Firearms Large Vertical Pockets_Las Vegas_13

Firearms Vertical Pockets_Las Vegas_14

Rifle Violin Cases_Las Vegas_15
And eventually we were done since time was up and no time to hit the bar for a beer before watching Tyler shoot guns and have fun and hey Jack are those violins in there and Tyler would say probably since they’re low-vis cases and maybe just maybe they’re deadly violins but nobody has to know and in Vegas nobody cares.

The End Almost means PS now because between the time I wrote this and the time I’m pressing send I found out I didn’t have to spend this last hour of the flight in front of Macy’s furniture store or whatever and Murphy really won this time but it was worth it and actually it was awesome nobody ever talks about the time they sat on their iphones and checked Facebook and didn’t have something to talk about and Jack I love you this was something to talk about coming to you almost live from a wanna be strip mall in Las Vegas, USA only hours before GORUCK debuts its Firearms gear Sylvester Stallone Rocky style.

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