Java’s New Year’s Resolution, 2012

More time at the beach, that’s it. I’m sure it’s good for Java to exercise and all that stuff, but the real reason is that there are few things in life that make him so happy.

My favorite beaches are outside Jacksonville, Florida, where I grew up. They’re a little rougher, a little imperfect. And George, my mom’s dog, is always standing by to entertain.

When George sets his mind to it, he never fails to impress the judges.

George took his one hit wonder and went for a peaceful stroll on the beach. Meanwhile, Java drives on, trying to find the same break.

George the champ. Java unamused, though the resolution is off to a good start and all is right on the beach.


  1. Ryan says:

    Jason, Java is a wonderful dog. I have a 7 month old chocolate english lab that is chomping at the bit (and anything else) to be as awesome as Java! What kind of collar is that? Looks great for water and all types of activities! Any plans on producing some Goruck dog equipment? I’m sure it would be far superior to what is available now!

  2. jason says:

    Yeah ryan, I’m not gonna tell you the collar type because I go through them like they’re going out of style, even though they’re not 🙂 So yeah, we’re going to have some dog ger (in time) but we’re probably a ways away from that. And if you want your pup to be awesome, I recommend lots and lots of exercise. Lots. And lots.

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