Java Forever (Soft Launch)


Today we’re soft launching a non-profit called Java Forever.

This is NOT meant to compete with other non-profits we support actively such as the Green Beret Foundation. Java Forever can utilize a special relationship with GORUCK to raise more funds and then distribute to our partner non-profits. Having Java Forever allows us to do our own fundraisers, our way, which in the short and long runs will result in one main thing:

We will raise more money and distribute more money for veteran causes than we would without the existence of Java Forever.

Soft-launch means that we’re still waiting on the official designation from the IRS as a non-profit. It’s expected this year. And we’ll plus up the content on the website this year. It’s not yet entirely complete, as there is a lot more story to tell.

Special thanks to the participants coming down for my first ever Tough Challenge tonight. We’ve raised ~$5K from their registrations that will go to Java Forever.

Without GRT support of GORUCK, none of this would be possible. Thank you all, it will be an honor to ruck with many of you tonight, shoulder to shoulder ruck to ruck. All of you will be here in spirit.

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