How Much Do You Know About Veterans Day?


There is no apostrophe when spelling Veterans Day

A common mistake people make when writing Veterans Day is adding possessiveness as Veteran’s Day. The holiday does not belong to veterans┬ábut instead is a holiday that recognizes all veterans.

Veterans Day is always on November 11th

Unlike holidays like Thanksgiving where the dates can be variable, Veterans Day is officially recognized on November 11 each and every year; however, on years where the holiday falls on a weekday, celebratory parades and functions can sometimes be moved to weekend dates.

Some schools do not close on Veterans Day

When Veterans Day falls on a weekday, not all schools close for the holiday. Although Veterans Day is considered a Federal holiday, individual states, and school districts have the right to choose how they observe.

Veterans Day is NOT Memorial Day

Many Americans confuse Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Memorial Day is a holiday that honors the men and women who have died fighting for this country. Veterans Day honors and recognizes all armed forces veterans whether serving during wartime or peacetime.

Print your own Veterans Day posters to display your appreciation

Want to display a Veterans Day poster at your place of business, home, or school? The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers such a service. Print off Veterans Day posters on your own printer, or even download teacher guides as well.

Doing the GORUCK Veterans Day event is a great way to honor

Consider recognizing the men and women of the Armed Forces by participating in the GORUCK Veterans Day Special Event Challenge in any of a number of available cities. Learn more about the GORUCK Veterans Day event by visiting the GORUCK events web page.

At GORUCK, we were born from experiences in the military and specifically, Special Operations. America and those who protect her are near and dear to us as people and professionals. Feel free to click over to our Facebook page and share your Veteran stories with us and our community.

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