Happy Labor Day: All Play and No Work


Happy Labor Day, everyone. There is no workout today, but we still have some suggestions for how you can maximize your holiday experience.

SPCCrustaceanParty03 You should start with some delicious end-of-the-summer food. We recommend any and all forms of crustaceans.

MeatyMeat1Don’t forget your veggies. Just make sure they aren’t bogarting all the space on the grill. You’ll need lots of room for all your Labor Day meats.


Shortcake is fancy schmancy, and props to anyone who can make it, but we like to just slap some whipped cream and strawberries on a biscuit and call it a day. Keepin’ it real.


Don’t forget the most important part. Having the bottle opener nearby ensures minimal effort which is crucial, because after all, it is Labor Day.


Always remember Rule #1.


Watch out for crabs and gingers.


Happy Labor Day from everyone at GORUCK. We hope your day is filled with good food and friends, classy Cadre and of course lots of A.C.R.T. Here’s to not working and Good Livin’!

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