Happy Birthday #5, Java

Java’s my favorite all time, and I’m grateful for the gift. We threw him a party to mark the big #5, and told tales of the last year’s adventures.

Running shit from his chair at GRHQ.

Desperate to be under Big Sky Country.

His Challenge count is double digits, and he’s everyone’s favorite cadre.

At over 14,000 feet at the Ascent.

Culture in Madison. The farmer’s market at the capitol building, and searching for the perfect next book.

We shot Brick Bag Explained in Bozeman, a block from GRWH.

And eventually made it back east.

So happy birthday, Java, and many more…


  1. Dan says:

    Happy birthday Java. That pup is a rockstar in my house. I like checking your news section as a part of my daily routine and everytime my 4 year old daughter sees me she runs over and asks if there are any new posts with Java. If there are she proceeds to monopolize the computer until she has carefully gone through all of the pictures three or four times.

    Here’s hoping she gets to meet Java at a challenge when I can finally sign up for one. Love your products, love your posts in this section, and love the culture surrounding your company.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. jason says:

    Dan, this is perhaps the most endearing comment I’ve ever read. I’ll think of your daughter with every pic of java we post from now on. (Make sure she checks out GR2 Field Pockets). Java gets almost everywhere, and can’t wait to meet her, too.

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