Badass Simple Shorts

Here’s what I love about them…

1. My phone and wallet don’t fall out of the pockets.

The pockets are like jeans pockets and not douchey gym shorts pockets that flap around all over the place. That means with the Simple Shorts your phone and your wallet won’t fall out, and if you’re on the subway, you’re a hard target for that pickpocketer.

2. They dry super fast.

When Monster and the gang and I ruck to the bar in the middle of a Florida summer, we show up drenched. We stop, I change my shirt (I’m civilized, people, and A/C is very cold here… first world problems). By the time I have a new T on, these shorts are dry. Yes, they dry (almost) that fast.

3. Simple Shorts > Ranger Panties

I love Ranger Panties, too. I wear them to bed every night, lucky Emily lol. But Ranger Panties aren’t for work and they’re not for the bar. Sometimes I like to ruck from home to work and later to dinner. Simple Shorts are a little more grown up.

To really class them up, wear a belt with a badass Reverse Flag buckle.

4. They’re tough.

This fabric was developed by a serious mill, and it was originally intended for rock climbers. When the industry figured out that the fabric doesn’t fail, they stopped using it so that you would buy more pairs of other shorts that would fail. It hasn’t worked on me, though, I have 8 pairs of these in my closet, already. These and the Simple and Challenge Pants are built of the same fabric.

I wear them every day and Monster thinks they’re awesome, too.

Check out simple shorts here.

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