A CEO’s Duty Anyone Can Do

Rob Petruccello_JFK airport
So. Traveling is a little different than it used to be, but I’m not talking about how the pilots don’t let me fly the plane like they did when I was a kid (true story). I’m talking about how my head is on a swivel in the airport looking for any GORUCK gear in the wild.

And then Rob came into my life lol. It started out with hey nice ruck, man. And before too long, I was performing my duty as a CEO, and as a member of GORUCK Nation.

Namely this. If you got one of our rucks on in an airport and we got the time, beers on me. Rob – it was awesome to meet ya, I’ll see ya around and good luck up in Buffalo.

Rob and Jason


  1. Jason says:

    That’s cool. I always see at least one person with a GORUCK and always get a few questions about my Ranger Green GR2. It’s my week-long travel bag these days and love it. Let us know if you bring the SK lineup back. I’m in for an SK26.

  2. Michael says:

    This is just another reason I will continue to support and promote your company and your products every chance I get! Love your products but your company morals and practices even more. Keep up the great work.

    One thing…we’ve gotta show Rob the 32L Kit bag…so much better than that bag on his shoulder 😉

  3. Matt says:

    I second this, and I am also in for an SK26. Love the gear, just want to get a little more low-key!

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